Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti 2024-25: sell wheat for more money

Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti: Most of the farmers in India have to face a lot of problems in selling wheat. Understanding this, the government of Bihar state has launched a wonderful scheme. Under this scheme,

you can send wheat at a reasonable price and you will never have to pay anything. To solve the problem of which, Bihar Government has launched Bihar Wheat More Per Scheme.

Under the scheme, you can apply online and can send wheat very easily. The benefit of this will be that you will get more wheat. You will not have to waste time, otherwise if you go to sell wheat in paddy temples, you waste a lot of time there and you get less profit,

so if you want to get benefits by applying under Bihar Wheat Scheme. For this you will have to read this article, after reading the article you will not be left with any question regarding Bihar Wheat Scheme.

Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti Latest News Update

Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti has been launched by the Agriculture Department to solve the problems of the people. Farmers can easily apply under the scheme. Applications under the scheme have started from 20th April. This is because farmers can get maximum profit by selling why under the scheme. Farmers can sell games here in two ways.

If the same farmer wishes, he can earn good profit by selling wheat through fax also. To avail the benefits of this scheme, the government has set some last dates. Those farmers who want to apply have only time till 31st June 2024, after which they will not get the benefit under the scheme.

Non-resident farmers can also avail benefits.

Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti Scheme overview 2024

Post NameBihar Gehu Adhiprapti 2024-25: sell wheat for more money
SchemeBihar Gehu Adhiprapti
Launched ByBihar Government
Benifits Sell Easily whea6
Wheat Price2181 or 2233 / Quintal
Last Date31st june 2024
Wheat sell Limit250 Quintal
How to use Bihar Gehu AdhipraptiRead this Article
Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti

What is the price of wheat in Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti

If you want to sell your wheat under Bihar Wheat Scheme, then you should know how much price you are going to get for it, then this time the government has divided the wheat into two grades,

Grade A and also Grade A. If your wheat is Grade A If your wheat falls in the same category, then you will be given money at the rate of Rs 2181 per quintal, whereas if your wheat also falls in the same grade, then you will be given a price of Rs 2233. For this,

the government has imposed some limits if you have your own land. No, and if you are growing wheat by farming on someone else’s land, then you can sell wheat up to a maximum of 100 quintals. Whereas if you have your own land and you are a tenant farmer, then you can sell wheat up to a maximum of 250 quintals.

Benefits received from Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti

If farmer sell wheat here, they will get a very good price from the market. Whatever wheat they sell, the money will reach their account within 48 hours, otherwise it takes a lot of time to get the money by selling it in the market. There is no need to go anywhere to sell, the president of your Panchayat will come to your house and will also pick it up himself.

If you want to buy the wheat back, then you will get the wheat back at the same place on which you have sold your wheat. If you sell wheat inside the trade circle, you will get a better price than the market.

Necessary documents for Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti

If you are a farmer of Bihar state and you want to sell wheat by going to Bihar to get more wheat, then for this you should have some important documents because only then you will be able to sell wheat here, otherwise you will not be able to sell wheat here.

  • Aadhar Card of the person applying Farmer
  • Registration Number of the person applying
  • Current mobile number of the person applying
  • Land related documents of the person applying.

How to use Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti

  • If you want to sell wheat under Bihar Wheat Scheme, then you should know what is the entire process of selling wheat under it because if you are not aware of the entire process then you may have to face a lot of problems.
  • Without further delay, let us know about this entire process.To apply online in Bihar Wheat, first of all you have to reach the official website.
  • After reaching the official website, the home page will open in front of you,
  • then you have to click on the option of Apply Online on the home page,
  • then after that I The option will open in front of you,
  • then you have to click on the button of enter farmer registration number,
  • then the information related to farmer registration will open in front of you,
  • then the application form will open here, you have to fill it,
  • then you can sell wheat. You have to enter the necessary information related to wheat,
  • after this you will have to upload all the necessary documents in the next step. After completing all these tasks,
  • you can finally send the wheat. Then you will get the receipt for the wheat.
  • After this You can take a screenshot or printout of it and keep it with you.


Before reading this article, you will have many questions regarding Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti. After reading the article, you will have got the answers to all your important questions.

We hope that the hope with which you came to read this article will definitely be fulfilled. If you still have any other question regarding this then you can seek advice from us without any hesitation.

Faq about Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti 2024-25: sell wheat for more money

What is Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti Scheme

Using this portal you can easily sell wheat.

How much wheat can be sold under Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti?

250 Quintal

How to benefit from Bihar Gehu Adhiprapti Scheme?

Please read the article to know about it

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