Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate : How to apply, Eligibility, Time, Documents

Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate: There used to be a time whenever you had to create a document, yes, you used to read to keep your money and time in a very long lines, gradually the government started using new technology and gradually everything- Gradually, CG started making digital asanas.

After reading this article, after reading this article, there will be no question about the birth certificate in you, then come and do not delay and start knowing about it as soon as possible.

Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate Latest news Update

If you want to make any government documents, then the birth certificate is first sought there, now if you do not have a birth certificate, it will not be the birth certificate of your child, then all your government work is going to stop,

due to this reason It becomes very important to make a birth certificate from it because it is known about the important things related to the child inside it, about the date of birth of the child about the birth date of the child about the parents of the children and more about the child’s birthplace. There are information about other important things.

People do not have to wait much to make birth certificates and will not be engaged in long lines, this web portal has been launched from here, you can easily apply for a birth certificate sitting at home.

Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate overview

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Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate

Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate Objective

Whenever the government asks for a document, there are many objectives of the government behind it, the government has launched this portal because of this so that the person who is the person of the state is to move anywhere anywhere Do not have to waste your time and easily apply for it sitting at home. The government will also benefit from this and the public also benefits.

Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate Benefits

If you want to make Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate, then you should know what benefits are going to happen. You will not have to face the problem or not in the affair of many government offices to make people first, but you can easily apply for this important process birth certificate.

By making birth certificate, you can make any government work by making birth certificate You can do it very easily. If you do not make a birth certificate, then you can face a lot of problems to make any government documents.

Documents required for making birth certificate

It is going to be required, if you apply for a birth certificate without knowing this, then you may have to face a lot of problems, then I came, then I came, then not too long, the necessary documents used to get a birth certificate without delay Know about

the affidavit of the parents of the children. The current mobile number of the parents of the children will require the child’s parents, the current email ID, if you want to make a birth certificate.

How to make Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate

  • To make a birth certificate, first you have to reach the official website.
  • Then the home page will be open in front of you, on this home page, you will get an option in the name of registration, then you have to click on it,
  • then you will have the necessary information related to the children, all of them have to give them all their children’s name.
  • The father’s name is the mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s parents’ Aadhaar number,
  • the birth place of the children, the date of the birth of the children and the child’s gender,
  • all of them fill the information about all these,
  • then you click on the submit button. To give in this way you can easily apply for a birth certificate sitting at home.


Before reading this article, there is a lot of questions about the process of making Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate in you, but after reading the article, you have got the answer to all your important things,

hope that the expectation for which the article is now available. He had come to study, he must have met the need for the desire, similarly more plans can go to our website.

Faq about Tamil Nadu Birth Certificate

How to make birth certificate in Tamil Nadu

To know about this please read the article

How to Apply for Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu

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How many days will it take for the birth certificate to be made?

Your birth certificate will be generated within 15 days of applying.

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