Shree Anna Scheme: Benifits, Eligibility, How to apply, Status

Shri Anna Yojana : The Government of India is always in search of how to increase the income of the farmers of India, so this time the Government is seeing a lot of potential in coarse grains because its trend is increasing all over the world, due to which there is a huge demand in the coming years.

With time, its demand is going to increase all over the world, due to which the Government of India wants to start cultivating which coarse grain of India and start cultivating it on a large scale so that Indian farmers will also earn more which will help the farmers of India.

Farmers have to face economic problems and the problem will be completely eliminated. To work in this direction, the Government of India has launched Shree Aayog Yojana.

Under this scheme, the Government of India provides some financial assistance to the farmers to cultivate coarse grains. It will provide assistance and will also provide some guidelines so that farmers can easily cultivate coarse grains with less inputs.

So, without further delay, let’s start knowing about all the important moments related to the scheme. .

Shri Anna Yojana 2024 Latest Update

For your information, the Government of India had started working towards this scheme many years ago. India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced the scheme during the budget of 2023. From now till now,

the government is continuously working in this direction. The basic objective of the government is that under this scheme, the lights of India have to be shown the direction to cultivate coarse grains and they have to be encouraged for it. This will give two benefits.

The income of the farmers will be improved and the problems in the income of the farmers will also be completely eliminated. Good food will also be available in the country. For your information, the government is taking steps, is it something new?

No. Talking about about 12th century, there was so much awareness among the people of that time that they used to use coarse grains for food due to which they remained quite healthy but in the present time, coarse grains are missing from our diet.

It has happened that most people call it wheat and rice only. For your information, let us tell you that the government has started working in this direction from Himachal Pradesh. The government has given the first installment to the farmers of Himachal Pradesh so that the farmers can start cultivating coarse grains.

For this, now there are different schemes within different states. -Separate awareness programs will be run.

Shri Anna Yojana Objective

The government has two objectives behind starting Shri An Yojana. The first objective is to make the people of the country aware in this direction so that the people of the country start eating coarse grains as soon as the people of the country start eating this thing.

If we become aware of this, then the income of the farmers will also increase and the second objective is to encourage the farmers for this work so that the income of the farmers can also increase and they can earn good profits and which will help in the production of wheat and rice within the country. Inflation remains and can be controlled.

Shree Anna Scheme Overview

Post NameShree Anna Scheme: Benifits, Eligibility, How to apply, Status
Scheme Shree Anna Scheme
Launched Byindia Government
Benifitsincreasing farmers’ income
Launched Date2023
Who can Apply All Indian Farmer
How to ApplyRead this Article
Shree Anna Scheme 2024

What does An Shree mean

There is a special thing about the country of India, whenever any thing is given a special name, then it has a specialty. If we talk about coarse grains, then inside the coarse grains, there is sugar like buckwheat, kutki, coarse grains like jowar etc., all these are included.

Cereals are called Shree Anya, they are called Shree Anya because they contain more dietary elements and are more nutritious than others. In simple words, it is a super food, due to which they are called Shree Anya. It is said that they contain many times more nutrients than the wheat and rice you eat.

How will farmers get incentives from Shri An Yojana?

As we have already told you, the objective behind starting this scheme of the government is to increase the production of coarse grains within the country. The production of coarse grains in the country can increase.

It will increase only when more people in India start cultivating it. Under the government scheme, Sathi is going to provide assistance to the farmers in cultivating coarse grains. Not only this, it will also solve whatever problems they face related to agriculture.

This will have two benefits, not only the welfare of Indian farmers but also India can emerge as a global leader in this matter.

Benefits received from Shri An Yojana

For your information, Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman has announced regarding this that due to the government scheme, farmers will be encouraged to cultivate coarse grains under the government scheme. Financial assistance will also be provided.

For your information, the government will also provide agricultural facilities to the farmers who want to cultivate coarse grains. The Shri Aam Yojana which has been started by the Government of India, will directly benefit the income of the farmers.

This is the first scheme of the government whose benefits will be visible all around, it will benefit the farmers and the general public too.

Necessary documents and eligibility to apply for Shri Anna Yojana

If you want to get benefits under Shri Anna Yojana, then for this you should have some necessary documents and documents, only then you can apply under it and avail the benefits, otherwise not.

If you can, then the benefit of this scheme will be given only to the natives of India, but till now no clarification has come from the government regarding the eligibility and necessary documents of the scheme. If you want to apply for the scheme, then you will also have to pay some attention for this.

Will have to wait.The government has not said anything at all about this yet


Before reading this article, you will have many questions about Shri An Yojana, what is the other scheme, what benefits will the farmers get from it and what will be the benefit to the farmers from this.

After reading the article, you will understand about the scheme. You must have got the answers to all these questions. If you still have any questions regarding this scheme, then you can seek advice from us without any problem.

Faq About Shree Anna Scheme

what is Shree Anna Scheme

Farmers’ income will increase due to the scheme

Who will get the benefit of Shri Anna Scheme

To all the farmers of India

How will farmers benefit from the cultivation of coarse grains?

Farmers’ income will increase due to its cultivation

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