AP Tailors Scheme 2024: How to Apply, Benifits, Eligibility, important documents, Subsidy

AP Tailors Scheme: Today in this article we are going to tell you about the teller scheme started in Andhra Pradesh. If you have not heard about this scheme till now and you do not know much about this scheme, then you have come to the right place.

Yes, because today in this article we are going to provide you information about all the important things related to Andhra Pradesh Tailors Scheme. After reading the article, you will not have any questions left regarding Andhra Pradesh Teller Scheme because in this we will give you

If we are going to tell you about the eligibility and required documents required to apply, how to apply for the scheme, then without wasting much time let’s start knowing about this scheme.

Andhra Pradesh Teller Scheme Latest Update 2024

Which Tailors Scheme is being run within Andhra Pradesh. This scheme is also known by another name. Another name of the scheme is YSR Navodaya Yojana. This scheme was launched to help the small business owners within Andhra Pradesh.

This scheme has been done to provide benefits, due to which small and medium businesses will benefit. Most of the people do not have capital to expand their business, so because of this scheme, those people will get some money due to which Will be able to take the business forward. For this, the government has determined some tasks.

Only the people who do these tasks will be given the benefit of this scheme. The people who work as tailors, barbers and weavers will especially be given this benefit.

AP Tailors Scheme Overview 2024

Post NameAP Tailors Scheme 2024 : How to Apply, Benifits, Eligibility, important documents, Subsidy
SchemeAP Tailors Scheme
Launched ByAndhra Pradesh government
BenifitsProviding financial assistance to small soul dependent traders
Who Can Apply Barber , Carpenter, Washerman
Subsidy Amount 15,000
EligiblityRead this Article
How to Apply Read this Article
AP Tailors Scheme 2024

Benefits received from Tailors Scheme

If you want to apply like this scheme, then you should know about all the important benefits related to the scheme. If you apply under this scheme, the beneficiaries will get about ₹ under the scheme. ₹ 10000 will be provided.

The most important thing is that individuals do not have to return ₹ 10000, due to which individuals will be able to easily expand their business without any problem. If a person takes this loan from the market, then he will also have to pay very high interest.

But under the scheme, you will be provided the amount for free. How the economy of the state will improve due to the steps taken by the government.

Andhra Pradesh Essential Eligibility related to Tailors Scheme

If you are eligible under this scheme started by the government. If you want to apply then you should know what is the eligibility prescribed to apply in the scheme. Any person who wants to apply should be a frequent tailor and weaver. The person applying under the scheme should be of Andhra Pradesh origin.

Anyone who wants to apply under the scheme must be below the poverty line. Any person who wants to apply under the scheme must have a ration card. If you have all the required eligibility, then you can easily apply under the scheme and avail the benefits

Documents required to apply for the scheme

  • PAN card of the person applying
  • Aadhar card of the person applying
  • Driving license of the person applying
  • Voter ID card of the person applying
  • Address proof of the person applying
  • Legal passport of the person applying
  • Utility bill of the person applying
  • Property taxable of the person applying
  • Below poverty line Income certificate of the person applying for the certificate.
  • All these necessary documents will be required if you apply under the scheme.

Application in Andhra Pradesh Taylor Scheme

If you want to apply in this scheme started by the Andhra Pradesh government, then you should know how you can apply in the scheme.

  • To apply, first of all you have to reach the official website, then there you will get the option to register,
  • you have to click on it, by clicking here you have to register yourself, after registration, you will get user ID and password.
  • You have to login with the help, then after this you will see a link in the name of registration on the home page. You have to click on it.
  • After clicking, the application form will open in front of you.
  • You will have to provide all the necessary information asked in the application form.
  • You have to fill it and then attach all the necessary documents and then you have to press the submit button.
  • In this way you can apply under the scheme.


Before reading this article, you will have many questions regarding Taylor Scheme, but after reading the article, you will have got the answers to all your important questions.

We hope that you came to read this article with the same hope. That wish of yours must have been fulfilled. If you have any other question regarding this then you can seek advice from us without any problem.

Faq About AP Tailors Scheme

How to apply under Andhra Pradesh Tailors Scheme

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What will be the benefit on applying for Tailors Scheme?

By applying for this scheme you will get financial assistance of ₹ 15000.

Who will get the benefit of Andhra Pradesh Taylor Scheme

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